Brooklyn, This Is Your Rain Dance: Rating Audience Moves at Yesterday’s Chromeo Pool Party


“An accurate summary of the pagan ritual-meets-Fred Astaire umbrella dancing that became yesterday’s BK show,” wrote Montreal joke-funk duo Chromeo on Twitter earlier today, about our own Puja Patel’s report on the show. (Thanks Chromeo!) But that got us thinking: what does pagan ritual-meets-Fred Astaire umbrella dancing actually look like, in real time? Is that like what they do at Phish shows? Not having seen this species of dance in NYC before (our photographer stuck to portraits, sadly), we went looking for documentation. Luckily, there’s tons of it. Gather round and see what Brooklyn looks like when its drunk off rain water and the persecution of the OSA:

Leave it to show organizers Jelly NYC to shoot the best footage of cargo-panted dancers in their natural habitat. Umbrella dancing turns out to involve a lot of hopping.

Definitely spotted a robot in there. Also, more hopping.

The hand wave. Familiar from the front of every Pool Party, ever. No less potent in the rain.

The Fools Gold mascot dances to Chromeo by turning in circles, incredibly slowly–not slick, though you would probably do something like this as well if you were in that costume. A little while after this clip starts he loses a breakdancing battle. Badly.

Again with the hands.

Shout to the guy who is doing the hands thing with a cast on.

And here is your winner. “There was a downpour,” he says in the comments to this video, “but obviously that won’t stop me.”