Camp BP: A New Story Angle Bubbles Up From the Bowels of the Gulf


From AOL’s MyDaily, we’ve learned of a cracked-out summer camp that’s actually more like jail and will supposedly continue its mission “for as long as it takes.” Nope, it’s not fat camp — too much lousy processed food in the cafeteria — it’s BP’s clean-up camp! Let’s peek into this odd little world that we never knew existed.

Daily activities include meetings on clean-up methods, environmental briefings and updates on the relief well progress, with a break for lunch in a cafeteria that reeks of processed food. Management is sponsoring a “Put a Smile on Somebody’s Face” campaign, which includes handing out Bed, Bath & Beyond gift cards and endless reminders of Camp BP’s motto, “we are family.”

If the day gets too stressful, there are massage therapists on hand and a few counselors, too, part of the “Employee Assistance Program” (which no one MyDaily spoke to would admit to using). There’s even a dress code: “Disaster Casual,” joked one BP employee, outfitted accordingly in jeans and a golf shirt.

So, basically, a corps of BP execs, managers, and employees are shacked up in hot, sweaty, and pissed-at-BP Houma, LA, and have to stay until relatively normal life is restored for locals.

In a surprising turn, this piece makes us feel for the BP rescue workers. They couldn’t all have known that their company skirted safety precautions and showed humanity (and the animal kingdom) that they don’t give a shit. Now, Tony Hayward is outta there, and his minions are left to clean up smut — oh, and they have curfews that put the kibosh on any and all fun. And the saga continues…