Dans Le Noir? Unveils Its Intentions to Its Neighbors


Now that its liquor license application has been approved by Community Board 3, Dans Le Noir? is providing a little more information to its Norfolk Street neighbors, promising them a “truly sensational culinary experience.”

“With the help of our blind guides you are going to completely re-evaluate the notion of taste and smell through our gastronomic experience,” the sign reads. “Dans Le Noir? introduces a revolutionary approach to appreciating our senses. Our Chef specializes in a refined international modern cuisine.”

It goes on to promise “a true conviviality” and “a unique human experience,” among other things, and explains that

our surprise menus do not give any clues to our customers regarding what they are about to eat. Totally deprived of light, your eyes cannot deceive you, so therefore all preconceptions are gone. … How many times have you ever had the chance to talk to people without any preconception that sight implies? At Dans Le Noir? there is no more pressure of other people’s visual judgment. You talk more freely and spontaneously and this experience raises some questions such as the role of sight in the way we relate to others.

Which sounds less like a restaurant and more like a reality dating show, but, regardless, promises to be at least more original than yet another restaurant with Edison lights and fried chicken, or, for that matter, another Subway.