Empire State Building to Spite Mother Teresa This Thursday


Times Square billboards, the Intrepid Sea-Air-Space Museum, and Brooklyn Borough Hall will all glow blue and white on Thursday for Mother Theresa’s 100th Birthday, according to the Daily News. But the Empire State Building continues to hold strong against the request because of the owner’s “religion” rule that isn’t even upheld consistently.

Now that everyone else is doing it, the most iconic skyscraper looks like a scrooge, although the powers that be are dimming the lights to save migrating birds, which is nice, we guess.

Christine Quinn had been on a mission to convince Malkin Properties, which owns the Empire State Building, to light up in honor of Mother Theresa’s birthday, but told the Daily News she’s given up the good fight. “We moved on,” Quinn said. “We’re not going to spend Thursday being angry or mad or waving fingers at [Empire State Building owner] Tony Malkin.”

Well, it’s not like the Empire State Building — a private company — has to do anything, but it will be interesting to see which colors trump Mother Theresa’s blue and white. NYU, The Simpsons? This could get ugly.