Jamie Oliver Wins Emmy for Food Revolution; General Tso Still Rules Chinese Food Orders


A recent study reveals that most people — 79 percent, in fact — would dine at a restaurant that was “certified green” over one that wasn’t.
[Nation’s Restaurant News]

Nestlé, the maker of Nespresso espresso pods, is suing its rivals, claiming they are making cheaper versions of the Nespresso product.
[NY Times]

The Kenmare has gone from no-man’s-land to culinary destination with restaurants like Travertine, Kenmare, and the Village Tart.
[NY Post]

Jamie Oliver won an Emmy Award for his reality show Food Revolution, which documented the issue of childhood obesity and the horror of school lunches.

Despite having far more exotic options when it comes to Chinese food, New Yorkers tend to order dumplings, egg rolls, fried rice, and General Tso’s chicken.
[NY Post]

Martha Stewart threw herself a birthday party last week at Navy Beach in Montauk, a restaurant co-owned by Leyla Marchetto, daughter of Silvano Marchetto of Da Silvano.
[Wall Street Journal]

Apparently, new USDA and FDA rules governing eggs that were adopted July 9 could have prevented the salmonella outbreak that sickened hundreds.
[Wall Street Journal]