Press Clips, Day 7, Lunch Edition: “Shitshow”-War-at-The-New-York-Observer-Edition


Press Clips is on hiatus for a special project we’re working on. But while we were gone, everything at the New York Observer has gone completely haywire. Three departures, including a 12-year vet. Here’s what’s happening:

Observer Madness, Observed:

  • Longtime Observer editor Alexandra Jacobs — one of the last holdouts of the Kaplan-era of the Observer still there and via one tipster, “the woman responsible for some of the most memorable cover stories at the paper”– is out after 11 years. She’ll be going to the New York Times Sunday Styles section. Congrats to Alexandra! She’ll now be making more money.
  • Eliot Brown — who’s been at the paper since 2007 — is leaving to be a freelance stringer for the Wall Street Journal covering Albany and the like. Eliot was brought to the commercial development beat after Matthew Schuerman left to go to WNYC, as the real-estate section was being expanded under another longtime Observer vet, Tom Acitelli. Congrats to Elliot! He’ll now be making more money. Per Eliot, as for why he left: “I found better opportunities.”
  • Molly Fischer — who’s done an excellent job covering media and writing The Daily Transom and whatever else she’s been assigned (which has been a lot!) over the last few months — is going to work for Frank DiGiacomo at the New York Daily News on Gatecrasher with Carson Griffith. DiGiacomo was recently taken from Vanity Fair to spice up the Daily News‘ local gossip presence in the wake of George Rush of the Daily News‘ long running gossip column, Rush & Molloy, taking a buyout. DiGiacomo is an old-school Observer alumnus, who just so happened to write one of the last major histories of — who else — his cross-town competition over at Page Six for Vanity Fair (the other one was Vanessa Grigoriadis’ New York Magazine piece. Congrats to Molly! She’ll now be making more money.
  • Also, we heard that Observer editor Kyle Pope told he staff he is at war with publisher Christopher Barnes and called the Observer a “shitshow” in today’s meeting. No congrats to Kyle, but godspeed him: He’s probably having a terrible day, because being at war with your publisher isn’t a good thing.

Whatever’s going on there, please, Observer people, tell us. Now. We’re calling to get more info right now. Hang tight!

[Corrections: We earlier wrote that Eliot Brown was leaving for the Wall Street Journal, and that was wrong, he’ll just be a stringer for them. Also, it’s “Rush & Molloy” not “Rush and Molly” though that does have a certain strange ring to it, and the potential of Molly Fischer writing about Neil Peart every day does not escape us. Finally, Alexandra Jacobs is a 12-year veteran of the Observer, and not a 12 year-old, though it should be noted the Observer has never not been a place for great young talent to grow.]