The Epic Musical Ted Leo Promised Is Actually A Video For “Bottled in Cork”


“It is, hopefully, the new direction I’ve been seeking and a new path that I hope you’ll walk with me,” Ted Leo wrote Friday, in an epic post on his blog dealing, once again, with issues of sustainability, retirement, and the plight of the aging punk rocker. The new path to which he was referring to was, ostensibly, musical theatre: a premiere, to be presented Monday. We had our doubts–not least because just two months ago we’d sent one of our writers to a video shoot that sounded suspiciously like what Leo intended to unveil. And indeed, what popped up on Funny or Die today was in fact a music video, for Brutalist Bricks standout “Bottled in Cork.” You can even, in one shot, see our writer, former chillwave intern Stelios Phili. He’s the guy wearing the hat:

Also, is that Titus Andronicus frontman Patrick Stickles?

Either way, it’s great. We congratulate you on your new career, Ted. May it be as or more sustainable as the old one.

THE REVEAL!! [Ted Leo]