Wyclef Jean Will Not Stop Running For the Haitian Presidency, No Matter What Haiti Has To Say About It


Despite the fact that a Haitian electoral board ruled late Friday night that Wyclef Jean was ineligible to run for the country’s presidency–presumably because he doesn’t meaningfully live in Haiti at all, though the board didn’t give a reason–Jean has now decided to appeal the decision. After, that is, declaring just two and half days ago: “I respectfully accept the committee’s final decision.” Not anymore! He’s since directed his lawyers to appeal the ruling to Haiti’s national electoral dispute office, because he has a document ”which shows everything is correct” That must be some document!

Anyway, to recap, his charity still owes back taxes, there’s still the matter of the $250,000 earmarked for said charity and instead spent on a carnival float and a lion, he hasn’t lived in the country for the past five years (by his own admission), he owes the IRS $2.1 million in US tax liens, his own former bandmate is voting against him, and oh yeah, he’s never held any kind of political office of any kind. In a country that desperately needs someone who knows what they’re doing. But no matter! The will of the Haitian people that are not the Haitian people who just denied Jean’s eligibility must be respected! Like, for instance, the ones he pays to stand behind him at his charity events. How will Wyclef get his money’s worth out of those people if he’s not allowed to run?

Wyclef Jean Says He’s Not Giving Up [BBC]