Morning Links, the NYC Edition: Commuters Fucked; Shepard Fairey Gets a Trial Date; Man Lives in Bathroom


• Commuting quagmire! Yesterday it was the LIRR, today it’s Amtrak and New Jersey transit: All trains on the Northeast Corridor are currently suspended. Can’t we all just go on vacation? Update: service restored, with 60-90 minute residual delays. Can’t we all just go on vacation now? [NJTransit]

• The LIRR’s not quite back to normal, either. Expect delays; it could take several days to fix the damage from Monday’s switching station fire. We hear they’re at about 75 percent. Let us know if you find any different. [NYP]

• Shepard Fairey’s trial date over accusations by the AP that he stole an image for his Obama “Hope” campaign, will head to court in March. [DNAInfo]

• One of “America’s Most Wanted,” was arrested in the Bronx over the weekend for attacking a 30-year-old man with a blunt object. She turned out to be Patty Carrion, 40, on the lam for 15 years over attempted murder and weapons charges. What do you know, that show works — sort of. [NYDN]

• The Situation will make more than $5 million in 2010. [SILive]

• A man will attempt to live in his bathroom in New York City for five days. Which seems to be setting the bar kind of low, but uh, here’s to you, Mark Malkoff. [Gothamist]

• There is a rather awesomely illustrated sign plastered all over Chinatown, Little Italy, and the Lower East Side chastizing someone. Can you translate Chinese? [NYC The Blog]