MTA Reminds Us, Again, That Our Unlimited MetroCard Could Go Up to $130


We’ve heard this again and again. Your MetroCard is going to cost you more — maybe even $130 — $41 more than you pay now. In fact, we’re starting to suspect that in an effort to numb us to the idea of an increase the MTA is just repeating this over and over and the media is reporting it as “news.” To get them to stop, we’ll eventually roll over and accept their $130, or whatever they decide to punish us with — as if we have a choice, anyway.

At any rate, they said it again yesterday, announcing that they’re considering a $130 “truly” unlimited card (along with other subway and bus hikes)…even though previously they’d discussed comparatively more reasonable increases to $99 or $104 for an unlimited card.

According to the New York Post, a weekly unlimited card could go to $38 from its current $27.

Other cash-guzzling ideas include reducing the pay-per-ride bonus from 15 percent to 7 percent, increasing bridge tolls by up to 50 cents and a $1 surcharge for riders who don’t replenish their old cards.

The MTA said if they went with the $130 card, they’d also offer a cheaper “limited” unlimited card. Thanks, guys!

The decision won’t actually be made until a series of public hearings take place from September 13 to September 21, so prepare to hear about this again…and again.

But enough already, MTA, go ahead and do what you’re going to do. You’re like our most annoying of complaining relatives what with your budget woes and plantar fasciitis, and, frankly, we’re tired of hearing you talk about it. Just know that if you raise the cost of the card so high that no one can actually afford to buy it except people who take cabs anyway, your foot troubles are not gonna up and go away.

And if this is a case of crying wolf to make us think we’ve got a bargain with a $104 capped unlimited card, we’re onto you.

[via New York Post]