Richard Chamberlain To Star With Murray Hill and Linda Simpson


Yes, the star of Dr. Kildare and Shogun has joined the cast of the feature length gentrification comedy We Are The Hartmans, alongside drag king Murray Hill and drag queen Linda Simpson–not to mention Dell dude Ben Curtis–and I suspect his life will never be the same.

I’m told that the movie centers on “a community battle to save the soul of its town by saving its only rock ‘n roll club.

Richard Chamberlain plays Mr. Hartman, an aging hippy and beloved owner of Hartman’s Club in the dying blue-collar town of Fairview. With his club teetering on foreclosure, Hartman suffers a heart attack. His estranged children swoop into town set on selling the property to a fast food franchise.

“To their dismay, the club’s staff and motley crew of patrons have staged a full-out protest, eventually barricading themselves in the club.”

I’m rooting for Murray, Linda, and the gang to whoop the competition into submission (though normally they’d probably love a fast food franchise).