Trends: Freaky Reptile Invasion of New York City


This summer has been weird, punctuated by heat waves and then sudden rains (it’s 65 degrees right now, WTF?), emergency-escape-slide-using flight attendants who rise to fame enough to generate impostors, people going batshit for no apparent reason, and…alligators crawling out of sewers. Apocalyptic, maybe? Or just August?

Seems like the baby gator that everyone was all excited about yesterday — an urban legend come true! — was not the only reptile chilling on the streets of Gotham. Some 24 hours after he was found hiding under a Datsun in Astoria, two other reptiles were located and joined “Baby Gator” at a Brooklyn animal shelter in the next 24 hours, reports the Daily News.

The first was a lizard known as an Argentine tegu; the other, “a large – very large – iguana,” said Michael Pastore, the field operations director of Animal Care & Control of New York City.

Three street lizards in 24 hours = a trend piece, we’re thinking. If there is one, there are many. Keep your eye on the New York Times. Also, alligator shoes for fall?

Lest you be concerned that reptiles truly are emerging from the sewers to compete with bedbugs for New York City-turned-global domination, these guys were probably dumped by their owners. Sad!

[via Daily News]