Where Am I Eating? Chinese Mirch


Not too many takers for this week’s Where Am I Eating?, but it wouldn’t have mattered much anyway, as Danny guessed the restaurant, Chinese Mirch, right off the bat. The dish above is cauliflower Manchurian. The dish shown after the jump is crispy Sichuan lamb.

I hadn’t been to the Indian-Chinese restaurant in a couple of years, and I took a gaggle of Desi friends from out of town last weekend. It was disappointing — the cauliflower was by far the best dish, crisply fried and seasoned with plenty of ginger, garlic, and green chiles. But garlic prawns floated in a bland, cornstarchy sauce, and the crispy Sichuan lamb did not taste of anything but fried lamb. Thank goodness there were sliced green chiles in just about everything — one can chomp those for extra flavor.

Danny, please email me so that I can send you the list of books to choose from.

Chinese Mirch’s Sichuan lamb.

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