1 in 4 Men Enjoy Sleepy Time With Mr. Cuddlesworth While Traveling


Let’s consider this a boost for open-mindedness in these judgment-ridden times. ABC did an entire news story on men who take stuffed animals on their out-of-town business trips. As evidence, they located 34-year-old businessman Scott Hardy and the unfortunately named “Barkley,” a stuffed dog his wife gave to him while they were dating (ladies — don’t do this). Barkley and Scott go everywhere together!

But, lest you think otherwise, Scott’s no freak. Apparently one in four grown, adult, shaving and working men have “a teddy bear or other stuffed animal tucked away in their suitcase,” says a new study from a British hotel chain that surveyed 6,000 Brits and found that 35% slept with teddy bears. A lot of them were dudes.

Hardy says Barkley reminds him of home, which is a nice enough sentiment, and he even brings Little B. on his guy-only vacays with his buddies. Alas, when Hardy is home, Barkley is confined to the cold, dark innards of Hardy’s suitcase. Sadz. Barkley needs a cuddle!

By the way, we don’t judge. Sleeping with a stuffed animal is wayyyy better than sleeping with a hooker. Right?

[via Jezebel]

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