Alleged Hipster May Owe the IRS $172 Million, May Not Be a Hipster


So, according to The Smoking Gun, there’s this hipster dude/former day trader Marcos Esparza Bofill, who allegedly owes more than $172 million to the IRS. Hipsterly, he didn’t even know what the IRS was, said one hipster pal to the Post. But, this may not be much of a story at all, save a chance to use the word “hipster” in a headline, because according to experts, the $172 million number was probably generated by the total amount of trades he made at his job and is not representative of what he actually owes.

More importantly, is he even a hipster at all?

Signs he might be a hipster:
• He’s a “garage-band guitarist.”
• He borrowed money from relatives.
• He lived in the East Village! In a tenement! With roommates!
• He’s never heard of the IRS.
• He’s “doing some deejay stuff.”
• The photo above. Kinda skinny jeans.

Signs he’s not a hipster:
• He’s from Barcelona. Where he now lives, working to launch his music career. (Also: He’s a Spaniard who’s never heard of the IRS.)
• He was a day trader, though not a very good one, apparently.
• At hearing what he owed, “He was shocked. He’s trying to figure out what’s going on.”
• The photo above. Blazer over hoodie? Really?
• This photo. The hair is way too clean and well groomed, the shirt far too intact. Also, layering? Tiny lampshades? Not very hipster. And, what, no coonskin cap?

There’s far too much effort in that bird. What do you guys think: Hipster or European? “Euro” in a headline is so ’90s!

Also, if the IRS is actually dubbing people “hipsters” (which we doubt), we REALLY, REALLY, REALLY need a new word. Hipstapeans? Eurosters? (They taste just like chicken!)

[via The Smoking Gun]