At 16, Jay-Z Would’ve Robbed Coldplay’s Chris Martin: “Who Are You? Give Me Your Money.”


A quick sequel to yesterday’s investigation into Jay-Z’s chronic misadventures in the rock and roll world. Some wag in England had the bright idea of asking Jay how he would’ve reacted to meeting current best pal Chris Martin 24 years ago, back when Shawn Carter was 16. His answer probably will not surprise you! Said Jay:

“That’s a different scenario. He couldn’t walk through Marcy. I was a different person then. I wasn’t open to the world and to cultures. I would have been, ‘Yo! Who are you? Give me your money.’ You couldn’t have a guy like Chris walking through Marcy. He’d have to get robbed. At best.”

Marcy’s changed a lot though, right? Like, it’d be perfectly safe for Bono to go there, and walk around, and try to make friends and everything? Oprah did it last year — why not the lead singer of U2? We’ll buy the plane ticket and everything. All you have to do is show up, Bono!

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