Fu Manchu+Black Tusk+It’s Casual


Stoner-rock stalwarts Fu Manchu will never deviate from overdriven Sabbath riffs and lyrics about generic big things, space, and, uh, the subject of “Beach Blanket Bongout.” What 20+ years of bongouts have brought the group, however, are legions of followers such as the openers tonight. Black Tusk play adrenaline-charged bottom-heavy crust metal, with riffs that owe an equal debt to Black Sabbath and Minor Threat. Hardcore duo It’s Casual play driving anthems befitting of the fact that their frontman is the former publicist for Black Flag. And Vagina Panther play the sort raunchy garage rock worthy of the name Vagina Panther.

Sat., Sept. 4, 6 p.m., 2010