Infographic: It’s a Muslim World, America’s Just Living in It


Apropos of nothing — except the whole Islamophobia talking point inspired by that community center downtown (or as people who aren’t from New York/are directionally impaired/are reality-impaired call it, the “Ground Zero Mosque”) has inspired over the last week or two — here’s a nice way to demonstrate just how much of the world’s minority are angry, terrified Americans in regards to the world’s Muslims.

Via Tumblr user Technipol, click to enlarge the following infographic:

Technipol noted in an earlier draft of this graph, shown at the top of this post:

I think the problem with the New York mosque controversy is that the people who are upset can’t tell the little red circle from the blue area or from the larger circle encompassing both. I figured if I drew a picture, they might get it better. The people in the red circle hate the people in OUR circle, including the people in the blue area. If YOU hate the people outside the red circle, you aren’t paying attention.

A little optimistic that it might inspire change, but still, a very, very salient point, very well made.