Most Beautiful Dish in the City? Rose Fragrant Fish at Lu Xiang Yuan in Flushing


The fish arrives smothered in roses …

The most expensive thing on the menu at Lu Xiang Yuan — a Chinese restaurant specializing in the regional food of Qingdao, Shandong — is “rose fragrant roasted fish” ($28). Is it worth it? You’ll have to wait to see my full review (two weeks from today) to find out, but suffice to say this is one of the city’s most beautiful dishes, a sea bass that arrives concealed with becoming modesty behind a flurry of red rose petals, with a long-stemmed rose above it and below it on the plate.

The dish is eaten by grabbing a bite of fish and its stuffing with a rose petal, then ferrying it to your mouth. After you’re done, you have a two-blossom keepsake to remind you of your meal. 42-87 Main Street, Queens, 718-359-2108

My crew that evening enjoyed a massive and excellent meal at Lu Xiang Yuan.