Perfume to Cover Stink of Jersey Landfill, Maybe


You know how sometimes you just don’t have time to take a shower so instead you spritz on a layer of perfume and waft out into the night air, hoping for the best? That, apparently, is the theory being employed at the largest (and highly active) landfill in New Jersey, Middlesex County, where rancid, rotting garbage is bothering the folks downwind.

So, they came up with a fantastic idea: putting giant perfume atomizers in flatbed trucks to drive around and cover the reekage with a “light soapy scent with a tinge of citrus.” Delightful!


“The spray grabs the odorous particles in the air and drops them down to the ground level,” explained Richard Fitamant, the MCUA’s Executive Director.

(Where, presumably, they still smell, but aren’t quite so mobile.)

One woman who “has learned to ignore the foul odors,” says “It must be helping because we’re not smelling it as much” — but should we really believe her? Meanwhile, an 18-year-old boy says it still “smells like garbage,” which is kind of how we smell when we try that perfume trick, too.

[via NBC New York]


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