Queens Cat Infestation May Have Ended With Kitties Trapped in Crawl Spaces


Lately, the only infestation making headlines has been the bedbug epidemic, but something equally as bad, if not worse, is going on in the 2,100-unit Ravenswood Houses in Long Island City, Queens, according to the Daily News. Cats that began living in the buildings years ago multiplied and inhabited the walls, leaving behind the expected by-products and smells as well as making the buildings a haven for fleas. If the problem wasn’t bad enough, the Housing Authority may have made it worse in trying to solve it.

Residents and animal activists claim that when the city sealed up crawl spaces to oust about 500 kitties, they may have done the opposite to up to 12 cats, trapping them inside.

A Housing Authority spokeswoman told the Post that no animals were trapped inside, but residents and animal rights activists are convinced otherwise.

“They rushed through the job in four days,” Debi Romano, president of SaveKitty Foundation told the Post. “This job should have taken at least two weeks. Either they’re lying or they’re not looking hard enough.”

Romano is urging the city to take a closer look at the situation — hopefully the coast is clear.