Stand-Up Coffee Shops; Making Messy Food Look Good


Michael White talks about his growing Italian restaurant empire, assuring us: “I eat, sleep, live and die Italian food.”
[NY Times]

A new breed of coffee shop prohibits laptops and instead of tables features a stand-up counter, encouraging conversation but a short visit.
[NY Times]

Food stylists used to try to make their subjects look perfect. Now, the trend is to make messy-looking dishes look delicious.
[Wall Street Journal]

Pepsi Max is going up against Coke Zero yet again, with a new campaign slogan: “Zero calories, maximum taste.”

A new study found that eating one to two servings of dark chocolate a week may help prevent heart failure.
[NY Times]

Josh Ozersky follows Eric Ripert, Ruth Reichl, and Sam Sifton on Twitter, but claims none of them has anything really interesting to say.

The Vendys have apparently snubbed Brooklyn, with no nominations for popular food trucks like Asia Dog, Calexico, and Jen ‘n Outlaw’s Fish Fry Truck and Crawfish Boil.
[NY Post]

Chiles and Chocolate in Park Slope makes its guacamole with roasted grasshopper, an Oaxacan tradition.
[NY Post]