Of all the meticulously detailed, primary-colored screen worlds Wes Anderson has ever conjured to fill with the beating non-sound of many an awkward silence, the decks of the ship Bellafonte might have been the most fantastic, or, OK, the most nautical, at least. Which makes The Life Aquatic the perfect film to take in at the Red Hook Film Series on the only slightly less whimsical Valentino Pier. Bill Murray stars, bringing all the usual hilarity as Steve Zissou, a rough-cut homage to Jacques Cousteau, who, in yet another Andersonian father-figure revelation (really, what’s with all these, Wes?), meets his estranged son played by Owen Wilson. So if multinational Speedo-wearing, Glock-toting, David Bowie–covering, oceanographers are your thing (let’s be real, they totally are), embark on your own seafaring voyage across the river and just pretend your vessel doesn’t say “Ikea.”

Tue., Sept. 7, 8 p.m., 2010