Most children forced through the Machiavellian social gauntlet known as summer camp will grow up to become contributing, placid members of society. Those are the odds, anyway, not the logic. But the few who didn’t, the ones who gleefully capsized the rowboats and tried to smoke the macramé keychains, will be the ones to revisit the grand outdoors this weekend at All Tomorrow’s Parties, the delightfully decrepit festival at Kutshers Country Club in the Catskills. The intimate grounds and spontaneous performances break all the conventions of other all-star carnivals; musicians wander the grounds, unchained, for the most surreal three-day weekend of a music fan’s life. Director Jim Jarmusch curates this bill, and his angular, noisy fingerprint is well repped in Iggy and the Stooges, Sleep, Mudhoney, Sonic Youth, Explosions in the Sky, Tortoise, Vivian Girls, and many more. Don’t drink the bug juice.

Sept. 3-12, 2010