At Momo Milk Bar: New Soft-Serve, Apple Pie Cake, and Tote Bags


The allegedly imminent change in seasons will bring new soft-serve to Momofuku Milk Bar: According to Momofuku HQ, its latest roster will feature the “back-to-school, brown bag lunch style” flavors of ants-on-a-log, potato chip, and chocolate milk.

And although the bakery still won’t sell you cake by the slice, it’s premiering a new one on September 15: Look out for apple pie cake, which combines brown butter cake, apple compote, liquid cheesecake, pie dough crumble, and a pie dough frosting topping. All of which means that this cake will a) probably be delicious and b) have the ability to reach out and smack the fillings clean out of your skull.

Also, there are now Milk Bar tote bags, meaning that David Chang now has more in common with Todd English than anyone would probably care to admit.