GM Salmon to Be Approved; Coffee Prices Skyrocket


At kosher, all-dairy Basil, a café and wine bar in Crown Heights, all staff are required to adhere to the Lubavitch dress code, even though most are African-American and Caribbean-American.
[Wall Street Journal]

The FDA has begun the process to approve the first genetically modified animal for human consumption — and it’s salmon.

Cake Man Raven in Brooklyn is the latest establishment to be accused of labor violations. The Labor Department says it owes workers some $2,600 in unpaid wages.

Cake Boss co-star Remy Gonzalez has been arrested for sexually assaulting a minor and is being held on $300,000 bail.

According to a health department report, New Yorkers don’t eat enough fruits and vegetables, but still live longer than other Americans.
[NY Post]

Stumptown Coffee Roasters will not serve espresso at its forthcoming coffee bar in Red Hook. Instead all coffee will be brewed.
[NY Times]

Coffee Prices are at a 12-year high these days, due to high demand and the speculative nature of coffee futures.

As school lunches come under scrutiny, chocolate milk, which makes up some 60 percent of all milk served in cafeterias, has become a target.
[NY Times]

The latest poll found that 54 percent of Americans do not trust the seafood from the Gulf, despite it being declared safe.
[Wall Street Journal]