Manuel Treviño ‘In’ at Lavo; Angelo Sosa Awaits Russian Bride


Eric Hara makes room in his busy schedule to helm the kitchen at Agua Dulce in Hell’s Kitchen, replacing Ulrich Sterling, who is leaving for a job in Peru.

Top Chef alum Manuel Treviño will be the chef at the forthcoming Lavo. He hails from Travertine, via Babbo and Dos Caminos.
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Chris Lee is not leaving Aureole but is taking some time out to consult on a new Miami restaurant called Eden.

The new Next Iron Chef contestants include Marco Canora from Hearth and Terroir, Marc Forgione of Marc Forgione in Tribeca, and Maneet Chauhan from At Vermillion.
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Xie Xie’s Angelo Sosa is reportedly keeping a fiancée in Russia who is having trouble getting a visa to come here.

Eric Ripert responds to Josh Ozersky’s Time article about boring chef Twitter feeds: “watch what you write my friend! You may get struck by lightning again….”