New Jersey to New York: “Keep Your Low-Lifes at Home”


Quinnipiac University conducted a study on the socio-political breakdown of New Jersey voters’ opinions on the Jersey Shore and whether or not it’s New York’s fault for birthing the GTL crew. Does the Jersey Shore itself promote bad behavior or are New York’s bad actors inexplicably attracted to Jersey’s fist-pumping shore towns? For New Jersey residents, the answer is loosely tied to gender and politics.

44 percent of Republicans blame New Yorkers for the cast’s bad behavior, while 25 percent of Democrats do. Think Snooki is a Republican? Well, if voting for John McCain because he’s cute counts, then yes! Although we’d guess the guidette doesn’t agree with Republican New Jersey Governor Chris Christie, who blames New York for the “situation” on his state’s beaches and dance floors.

The parties unite on one issue — 57 percent of Republicans feel that the show is bad for Jersey, and 52 percent of Democrats agree. Overall, 40 percent of men blame New York, while 31 percent of women do.

“New Jerseyans to New York: Keep your low-lifes at home and away from our seashore,” said Maurice Carroll, director of the Quinnipiac University Polling Institute, located on neutral ground in Connecticut. “Garden State voters don’t like the show and believe it’s bad for the state.”

Don’t like the show? That assessment might require another poll revealing who doesn’t like it, who hates themselves for liking it, and who watches it in private but pretends never to have heard of it.

via Gothamist

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