Can the Large-ish Gay Dance Club Really Come Back?


Next year, a gigantic gay resort complex will open on West 42nd Street, and it will include the XL Dance Bar, which will be run by club legends John Blair and Beto Sutter with help from newer kids Tony Fornabaio and Brandon Voss.

The “dance bar” is on the site of a former 100-car garage and its first floor occupies 14,000 square feet of space.

It’s bigger than Splash!

Still, it’s not as large as the Roxy, the legendary club that closed in 2007, its death marking the official end of big dance spaces for gays — and, in fact, for any New Yorkers.

Between the economy, the emphasis on Web hookups, and the devastation caused by relentless club crackdowns, it just didn’t seem logical to have huge clubs anymore, so those places basically went the way of the dental dam.

And now, XL Dance Bar will step in as an intermediary move (sort of like Club 57) to up things a notch while not quite going for broke.

Will you spin around that nice sized dance floor or will you stubbornly sit this one out until the 12th of never, when there’s another Roxy?