Cannibal Restaurant Soon to Open in Germany?


Flimé, a new eatery that supposedly opens in Berlin on September 8, has a website like any other fancy restaurant, with dreamy music and a soft-focus intro during which words like “craft” float across the screen. But then there’s the membership information, chirpily informing you that “[a]fter the medical check, you can decide which part of the body you want to donate!”

Yes, Flimé is most likely a stunt, but it has succeeded in getting many Germans very riled up with its aggressive ad campaign asking for donations of an ear or some stomach fat. The restaurant also purports to be looking for a surgeon to hire.

The (likely, hopefully fake) eatery claims that it is modeled after Wari culture, a Brazilian Amazonian tribe that apparently eats dead loved ones, as a sign of oneness and continuity. So naturally, the menu includes Brazilian dishes like feijoada and empanada-like pastries with minced-meat filling.

According to the Guardian, Michael Braun, the vice chairman of Berlin’s Christian Democrats, told Germany’s Bild newspaper, “I’m working on the assumption that this is some sort of a warped joke. But it’s disgusting, not least because it wasn’t long ago that we had the case of the Berliner who was murdered by a cannibal.”

Braun was referring to the 2001 murder of a man who willingly offered up his penis to a cannibal and was subsequently killed and eaten by the cannibal.

[Via the Guardian]