Dear Rest-of-America: Your “Ground Zero Mosque” Perspective of the Day


For those of you not in New York City who’ve decided to weigh in on the debate over Park 51, the proposed Islamic Community Center in downtown New York City — or as some of you like to incorrectly label it, the “Ground Zero Mosque” — here’s a little bit of perspective just to remind on this Friday evening just how hallowed and sacred this screamed about ground truly is.

Via Tumblr user Mike Germano, here’s this: a photograph of what’s happening literally on the fence-line at Ground Zero today…

Which if you’ll notice, is a guy handing out flyers for the New York Dolls strip club, only a block away from Park 51, which is actually, again, almost three blocks from Ground Zero. Germano writes:

While people are going crazy over the “Ground Zero Mosque” a representative for New York Dolls the local Strip Club is handing out coupons at the viewing site.

Logic would follow the lack of outrage over this man to imply that the fundamental American freedom to pray wherever you want is more offensive than the fundamental American freedom to sell T & A wherever you want. Because if there’s one thing this country really stands for, as evidenced by this entire debate, it’s a bunch of strange dicks getting all stiff just for the sake of doing so.