Look, It’s Norman Rockwell’s East Village!…Kinda


Sometimes New York City is just an adorable and homey small town, where everybody knows your name, or at least the bartenders do, and the neighbors (when not blasting their horrible techno at all hours) say hello and goodbye and will even accept your packages without stealing from them. These glimpses arise every so often, and when they do, we accept them with open arms, since we ourselves are quite neighborly, too, providing we’ve taken our meds.

Like this shot from an East Village tipster who stumbled upon a New York City fire truck parked on 4th Street and Avenue A last evening. The firefighters had stopped not to fight fire but to let a bunch of kids on the truck to play around and check things out — to the obvious enjoyment of both children and numerous passers-by, all of whom had goofy grins on their faces. Something about fire trucks and kids, we guess.

Collective Awwwww. Let this be a lesson to you Midwesterners: We’re nice here, too! Except when you walk too slow, and then we’ll step on the back of your shoe on purpose.