NYC’s Prohibited Animal Dishes; the Most Overpriced Meals




This week in food blogs:

Grub Street listed all the animals you can’t eat in New York City.

Eater named its 10 most overpriced new dishes in town (including the burger at Ça Va, which doesn’t even have truffles).

Feast unearthed some of the best under-the-radar tacos in Williamsburg.

The Food Section explained what, exactly, a vegetable butcher is.

Serious Eats rounded up its five best challah breads in the city, including Silver Moon Bakery’s and Zomicks’.

Midtown Lunch live-blogged the opening of 4Food, the “crazy new social-media-meets-doughnut-shaped-veggie-stuffed-hamburger spot” in Midtown.

Atlantic Food looked at what Eat, Pray, Love can teach us about food. (C’mon, suppress the eye-roll.)