Patti LuPone Calls Andrew Lloyd Webber “An Alcoholic”


In 1994, Tony winner Patti LuPone was bumped from the starring role in Sunset Boulevard by composer Andrew Lloyd Webber, though she’d been promised the Broadway run after doing it in London.

Well, some people might have just gone home and cried about it, but some people ain’t Patti!

Don’t cry for her, Argentina!

Her turban unceremoniously ripped off her head, Patti proceeded to sue the portly melody man and won big bucks.

Please don’t evah, evah, make her say goodbye…

(Meanwhile, another fearsome diva, Faye Dunaway, also sued Lloyd Webber when he decided her voice wasn’t strong enough to do the L.A. production after all. Sunset Boulevard was quickly becoming Debt Alley.)

Well, Patti gets to strike back again. Next month, her memoir arrives, and in it are two searing chapters clawing at Lloyd Webber as if she were a Jellicle Cat on a rampage.

As she told an audience recently, “He’s an unhappy man and an alcoholic.”

Yeah, but he writes some nice tunes.