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It’s Friday afternoon, and thus time to take a look over our collective shoulder, back at the week that was …

We ranked Our 11 Best Octopuses in NYC.

Gabbana chef Ricardo Cardona talked modern Dominican food, why he hates being on TV, and how he manages six restaurants.

This week’s Top Chef: cross-dressing and oxidized tuna.

Here’s how to plan a birthday banquet.

Caracas vs. Guayoyo: East Village Arepa Smackdown.

Timmy O’s is beloved by foodies, but where are the crowds?

The original blue Curaçao is a rare find in New York.

Here are 24 really ridiculous supermarket products.

Here’s the Early Word on Yummus Hummus.

Make the wiener schnitzel that Daniel Angerer serves at Klee Brasserie.

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