Saluting Janelle Monae’s Ethereal Beauty at Her Free Concert In Bryant Park Today


To be fair, they are some pretty incredible ankles. Chief r&b space demon Janelle Monae took stage at Bryant Park a few hours ago, playing out in the sunshine as part of a Levi’s promotion that involved donating clothes to Goodwill in exchange for a new, gratis pair of Curve ID jeans, whatever they are. Perhaps needless to say, the combination of a summer Friday, an outdoor venue, a free show, and stacks of giveaway jeans brought out both the best and worst in the New Yorkers who stopped by. Many complained about staff and security; others stuck to guessing when exactly Monae’s elaborate pompadour would self-destruct. It looks like it sort of held on though? You couldn’t say the same about the audience. Apparently the sight of Janelle Monae under exquisite noon sunlight is just impossible for humans to take:

Free Levi’s at Bryant Park Results in Shitshow, Library Attendance [Racked]