The BP Oil Spill, in Baby Tattoos


This baby is fake, just so you know. Even so, it is perhaps the most disturbing display of outrage based on the BP oil spill. It looks so real, and those tattoos…they’d be stretched and faded by the time he could walk. But, it’s only art.

Jason Clay Lewis’s “Drill Baby” is crafted from vinyl rubber, mohair, oil paint, plaster, and aluminum armature. Note: drowning koi, the Virgin Mary holding a dripping gas nozzle, and somber seagulls flying around. Adding to the oddity, the tattooed faux infant’s hair is the exact same shade as Donald Trump’s — eerie.

This isn’t the first time we’ve seen baby tattoos, though this is probably the first example of oil-spill-themed art on a fake baby. And for that, we salute the artist. We think.

via Animal

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