The Day 50 Cent Threatened, Michelle Obama, and His Own Grandmother on Twitter


Though 50 Cent has had his own verified account on Twitter for a while now, it’s safe to say that yesterday was the rapper’s official debut on the social media site. How do we know this? Because about 24 hours ago the robotic, self-promotional, ghost-written stream of updates occasionally posted to 50’s account gave way, suddenly, to a torrent of hilarious vitriol. (His ghostwriter was as shocked as the rest of us.) Many rappers play villains but are quite nice when it comes to the real world and its online proxies. 50 Cent, however, is in fact a villain, whether on record, YouTube, Shyne-conference-call, or elsewhere. If you didn’t think so before, we’d argue that he kind of proved it yesterday. Behold: a veritable mountain of contempt for failed Haitian presidential candidate Wyclef Jean, G-Unit compatriot Tony Yayo, Gawker, Michelle Obama, his own manager, and yup, grandma. Yikes, 50:

This is how the whole thing began. Classy!

Inevitably, several hours later, this happened. If we were to pick a rapper who was up on Gawker, it would not have been Curtis Jackson.

Rap Radar’s Elliott Wilson was not spared.

Neither was 50’s own manager. Like we said, cut out the middleman.

Or not! Someone probably should take this account away though. Because…

…something like this might happen. Secret Service, even now being scrambled to a mansion in New Jersey.

And by New Jersey, we obviously meant “sex store.”

Some of us have known this was going on for years now.

A rare mea culpa! We might even agree with this statement. Although 50 rapping well also probably would have helped.

We are! More than we have in a long while, actually.