Coming Soon to Brooklyn: Tuberculosis!


Two workers in Greenpoint have contracted tuberculosis, Brooklyn Paper is reporting, cuing mass panic in northern Brooklyn and a mass exodus to Poland. Well, not quite yet. Still, it’s not a comforting thought — especially in light of the city’s ongoing bedbug problem. We’re dirty, dirty people. But tuberculosis? Maybe this really is the new Great Depression.

According to the Paper, this outbreak of the contagious, airborne disease is coming from a transit facility on Quay Street:

According to a transit union representative, the workers who tested positive with tuberculosis are members of the division responsible for power washing and cleaning stations throughout North Brooklyn.

“Who the hell knows how they got it,” said Transit Workers Union spokesman Jim Gannon. “Consider what these guys do. They take trucks, go to stations and hose them down. They’re in constant contact with crap in those stations.”

How’s the community handling the threat?

“Holy crap, that’s kind of scary,” said Christine Onorati, who works at Word Bookstore.

Uh, word.

[Brooklyn Paper via Daily Intel]