Michael Cera’s Must-See List: Real or Fake? (UPDATE: Seems Real! Photo Proof Inside)


Going viral this weekend is a handwritten sheet, allegedly penned by movie cutie/h-word poster child Michael Cera, recommending his favorite movies to a young Londoner he met in a coffeeshop. The cafe buddy’s cousin got his hands on a scan of the list and posted it to his Tumblr, where it has since garnered over 1,400 “notes.” Buzzfeed picked it up, as did /Film. But is it legit? See the list after the jump:

Here’s the story:

My cousin, Harvey, randomly ran into Michael Cera at a London coffeeshoppe. Cera and Harvey hit it off and ended up having a 2 hour conversation over lunch. Cera wrote a list of stuff Harvey should see. I didn’t believe this story 100% until I got a hold of the list (which is v. good and everyone should see these films/shows) As Harvey’s most media-saavy relative, I’m helping him by lending/finding these movies/shows for him. This made his London trip. #IntervalsOfAwesome

And after some attention, an update:

I told my cousin that a few sites had picked up on this, and he’s gonna send me an email with him and Cera, and a pic of him with the note. I asked him to tell me about the 2 hour lunch he had, and well, he said we’ll see. Stay Tuned.

As for the choices, sure, plausible. Some obvious (Wes Anderson, Coen Brothers, etc.) and some more obscure wild cards (Scarecrow, Look Around You). But then again, if you’ve been a college freshmen…

Tumblr user and original poster Brodeep conveniently posted a link to his Twitter in his very next post. Never underestimate the lengths someone on the internet will go to gain followers. Brodeep has gone on to post with high volume in the time since he hit it ‘big,’ so real or not, he’s taking advantage of a new audience. But there is the whole “my cousin” thing, which never bodes well. As the internet says, TINWOP.

Attempts to Google Michael Cera’s handwriting for comparison have come up empty.

Where does that leave us? With one anonymous Tumblr user’s word versus our own knowledge of viral phenomenon/gullibility. For now, let’s side with cynicism and say fake. But happy to hear otherwise!

UPDATE: After some prodding via email our Tumblr buddy Brodeep came through with some confirmation in the form of the below picture of his cousin Harvey and Cera. He also revealed why the story seemed to strange: they’re all Canadian.


When Harvey came into the cafe, Michael Cera noticed the hat, and give him props on it. Harvey, being a big fan of Arrested Development, immediately recognized Cera and was awestruck that he would talk to him. At that point, Cera invited Harvey to join him and his Asian tour guide for ending up being a 2 hour lunch. Harvey told me that Cera ate a chicken ceaser wrap. They talked about life as a Canadian, going on vacation to see relatives, and HBO’s The Wire.

Brodeep assures us that while it does seem hard to believe, “Harvey is a good family kid.”