New York Times Welcomes Sissy Wine-Drinking Readership to Brew York City


You know what’s really good on a beautiful Saturday evening in late August? Beer. Over at the New York Times City Room blog, Runnin’ Scared favorite J. David Goodman takes advantage today’s perfect weather to highlight the work of one of New York City’s best online beer connoisseurs. What can we learn from Mr. Chris O’Leary of Brew York, New York? “Riverhorse’s Hop-a-lot-amus is easily the cutest-looking beer logo out there.” Tell us more!

O’Leary’s site is both informative and accessible, lacking the pretense of that “beer snob” you know and probably can’t stand. In this fun interview with O’Leary, Times readers can take a break from their liberal lives sipping Cabernet and learn about a few lesser known beers that someone with facial hair might drink. Also included is O’Leary’s story: he’s a “media strategist” (hence the drinking, eh?) and wrote East Village Idiot for three years:

“I was tired of complaining about things all the time,” he said. “I came to the point where I wondered, ‘Do I want to be known for being the Cranky Blogger?’ That’s what some blog called me.”

The best medicine for a cranky blogger? Beer. See you all tomorrow!

A Beer Geek’s Guide to New York [City Room]