Paris Hilton Arrested For Cocaine Posession, Has a Drug Problem or At Least a Fame Problem


It’s been a minute since we’ve heard from Paris Hilton in any big way, but it’s not for her lack of trying. In July, at the World Cup, she was allegedly detained for holding a bit of weed; she was subsequently released without charges or publicity. (It was a holiday weekend, and the World Cup.) Two weeks later, she was on her way to Corsica for vacation and was again allegedly found with pot. She was again released with no charges. She called it “the best vacation of my life.” Friday night she was arrested for cocaine possession on the Las Vegas Strip. “Pay attention to me!” she seems to be saying.

Via US Weekly and the Associated Press:

Police pulled over a car that the heiress, 29, was riding in Friday night on the famed Las Vegas Strip because officers thought they smelled marijuana smoke.

They then found an undisclosed amount of cocaine in Hilton’s purse, according to the Associated Press.

Hilton was booked around 2 a.m. on a cocaine possession charge and was released.

Now, the days of Paris Hilton as tabloid darling are passed. Never again will she grab the headlines she once did, less a murder or overdose or marriage to Snooki. But the lack of obsessive coverage may be getting to her. Either that or she’s really, really bad at a) driving (everyone knows drugs = speed limit) and b) hiding her goods. But I guess we knew that already.