35 Percent of Americans Think It’s OK to Wear a Speedo Around Co-workers, Apparently


There’s a new survey out about casual attire in the workplace, and at first glance its results are not that surprising — employees think wearing casual attire makes you “more productive” than wearing business clothes, and as casual-attire-wearers ourselves, we’d have to agree, not least because we will never willingly don another pair of pantyhose topped by a business-lady suit.

Most people didn’t even consider casual dressers to be slackers, which shows how far we’ve come from Don Draper’s NYC — but they also thought that casual dressers would never be senior managers, and that senior managers should dress better than their employees. OK.

But then the survey gets really interesting.

Nearly a third (32%) of U.S. workers surveyed said it is appropriate to wear shorts to work, but only 18% indicated it is appropriate to wear sandals or flip-flops. More than a third (35%) said it is ok to wear a speedo or bikini at a work picnic or day at the beach.

Wait, with co-workers? A speedo or a bikini? No, no, no. People! It is never okay to wear a speedo around co-workers, not even at the company picnic on Bora-Bora during a heat wave. And frankly, this conclusion makes us doubt the veracity of the entire study. Which, it turns out, also says Europeans have the most casual attitude of workplace attire — interesting, because Europeans are the only people who actively wear speedos. Hm. Calling bullshit on this and tucking in our shirt for a change, as soon as we eradicate that horrifying image of a thong-clad co-worker from our brain.


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