Blue Ribbon Will Serve Its Food at Hotels Across the Land


Having already conquered Manhattan, Brooklyn, and a bowling alley, Blue Ribbon has decided to take on the world of hotel dining.

Diner’s Journal reports that Blue Ribbon’s Bruce and Eric Bromberg have created a menu for the R Lounge, the restaurant in Times Square’s Renaissance Hotel. It will premiere on September 13 and include white bean toast, grilled cheese panini, and fried chicken wings.

The Brombergs’ involvement marks the second time the hotel has tried to incorporate the talents of a name chef: Two years ago, Zak Pelaccio tried and failed to bring in Korean food with Chop Suey, a restaurant remembered more for its tone-deaf name than its cuisine.

Following the R Lounge launch, the menu will make its way to 19 other hotels in the Renaissance chain. Which makes the idea of room service suddenly seem much more palatable.