Brooklyn Gets an iPhone App


Now that the food world has incorporated its name into everything short of after-dinner pillow mints, it comes as no surprise to see that Brooklyn now has its very own iPhone app.

Called Brooklyn Restaurant Scout and billing itself as “the first food app that’s just for Brooklyn,” the app provides fully reviewed restaurant listings (“from a writer who has been there”), contact info, photos, and walking and driving directions. Users can search by cuisine, neighborhood, family-friendliness, etc. The app, which includes 160 restaurants, was written by Sherri Eisenberg, a travel writer, and an attorney named Christopher Wershoven, whose listed accomplishments include “offal-eater.”

The app’s iTunes page features a listing for Seersucker that makes repeated allusions to its slow service (“a place that serves deviled eggs … can’t be all about hurrying”), which seems to qualify it for, in the app’s words, “Best for: Feeling transported to the South.” Perhaps the authors have a different definition of the South than we do — when she reviewed Seersucker, Sarah noted that “the eatery lacks the generosity of flavor that characterizes good Southern fare.” Forget the Southern-ish grub: If anything, the slow service would seem to qualify it for Best for Feeling Transported to Williamsburg …