Gilpin Family Whisky Brings New Meaning to the Term ‘Piss Drunk’


Today in news guaranteed to promote regurgitation, an industrious entrepreneur has started making whisky from the urine of elderly diabetics.

Wired reports that James Gilpin has started a project called Gilpin Family Whisky, which takes the aforementioned liquid gold and distills it into a high-end single-malt beverage suitable for export.

Gilpin, who is diabetic, makes the whisky by purifying the urine using the same process employed for water purification. The urine’s sugar molecules, which stand in for the starches used in regular whisky, are removed and added to the mash stock, which speeds up the whisky’s fermentation process. Once the fermentation is complete, whisky blends are added to provide such attributes as color and taste. Though it’s uncertain if anything can remove the taste it has left in our slightly horrified imagination.

Gilpin claims that the whisky is less a commercial product and more of an art piece; each bottle is labeled with the name and age of its, er, source. Gilpin wants to use the whisky to pose the question of whether it’s “plausible to suggest that we start utilising our water purification systems in order to harvest the biological resources that our elderly already process in abundance.” He plans to exhibit his creation at various design shows throughout the U.K.

Incidentally, the elderly participants are reportedly donating their urine on a voluntary basis. So there’s that consolation.

[Via Tasting Table]