Live, in Concert: Cranky Kaplan and Wise Kaplan


If you have no idea what the @CrankyKaplan or @Wise_Kaplan Twitter accounts are, or what the big deal with them is, well, here’s a primer. And if you already do, well, you’ll be excited to know….

that the just-announced lineup for New York Observer writer Leon Neyfakh’s next Refresh, Refresh, Refresh reading series — September 17th, at the Lower East Side’s Happy Ending, at 8 p.m. — contains, among others, Jim Windolf and Peter Stevenson, the brains behind the Kaplan(s). No word on whether Peter Kaplan himself or “Retarded Cousin Billy” — don’t ask — will be in attendance, but fans of the duo — who are disturbingly obsessive, like me — are gonna wanna get there early and grab a good seat.’s Richard Lawson, along with Interview‘s Caroline Bankoff and a few others will also be reading. This will be fun.