New York Post Kicked Out of Barclays Golf Tournament for Harassing Tiger Woods, Naturally


Who else but the resident outrage-hungry Horny Lesbian Ethnocentric Sexist Catlady of the New York Post, Andrea Peyser, would get kicked out of the Masters for walking up to Tiger Woods and asking him about his penis?

This actually happened. Via the New York Observer, this is what the New York Post pays people to do:

Andrea Peyser, a New York Post columnist, walked out into the fairway with notepad and pen to ask him questions. She had never been to a golf tournament and was not aware that reporters were to stay by the ropes.

And then, write:

Tiger Woods got over his wife and his sexual mania. But he can’t get over me.
Last week, I was booted from The Barclays tournament in Jersey like a used bimbo. But I didn’t get a payoff. I was cast out of Tiger’s lair because I repeatedly asked the Great One a ticklish question at a press conference: “Do you still love your wife?” He refused to answer.
Sports bloggers went nuts. One asked how I got credentialed at all. I’d never covered sports!

No, they weren’t asking how you got credentialed because you don’t write about sports, they asked how you got credentialed because you’re Andrea Peyser, Horny Bisexual Ethnocentric Sexist Catlady of the New York Post, Andrea, honey.

Here’s a picture of Andrea Peyser asking Tiger more dumb things about his penis later at the press conference:

There’s video of that moment, which I’d rather not point you to, instead choosing to relate the total lack of professionalism on part of the New York Post to that guy in Happy Gilmore who keeps calling Adam Sandler a “jackass” as a running gag in the film. That’s about how awesome Andrea Peyser is: she’s less funny than an Adam Sandler joke, and she’s the real-life version of it.