Parents Are as Bored by Kids as Kids Are By Parents, Says Depressing Disneyland Survey


Perhaps the saddest survey ever, undertaken by Disneyland Paris, has found that 30 percent of parents think that playing with their kids is an utter bore. (It bears mentioning that those participating in the survey were U.K. parents, who are probably slightly less neurotic about forced “fun!” than American parents). Also, American parents probably lie when asked about their enthusiasm for kid-play.

But still. As you might expect, a certain percentage of kids pick up on their parents’ disregard for their playtime, and probably go on to become mass murderers or at best socially dysfunctional members of society. Meanwhile, while 30 percent of parents insist on bogarting their kids’ computer games and “playing with them,” 80 percent of kids would rather their parents just leave them alone until they turn 18 and then they’d like to bum some money and the car, thanks.

Sigh. Also, Disneyland Paris is nothing like the original, not least in how it tries to guilt parents into bringing their unfun kids there. Why bother having kids at all if they’re not going to amuse you? Really!

[via UK Independent]