Poll: New York City Has the Worst Airports in America. Related: Sky Often Blue.


Things every New Yorker just knows: New York City’s airports suck. You practically need a visa just to get there, the process of getting there is terrible, the people who work there are pissed off and hate you, flights never leave on time, with few exceptions there’s nothing particularly remarkable about any of them, and uh…yeah. We just know it. And kind of deal with it. Well, apparently, everyone who isn’t supposed to just know it still agrees.

Via CBS 2 New York, Travel and Leisure just released a reader survey of the best airports in the country. And guess where we rank?

Kennedy, LaGuardia, and Newark Airports came in dead last in on-time performance, food, entertainment, and staff efficiency. The Magazine called the airports “miserable.”

Correct. The winners?

2. Orlando
1. Houston

On one hand, sigh. We’re New York City! Gray’s Papaya and the Statue of Liberty and the Empire State Building and the subway and Broadway or whatever! Don’t we deserve better air transportation hubs? Even JetBlue’s Terminal 5 — the Jetsons-fantasy mall that’s less airport and more W-Hotel — still apparently isn’t soothing enough to keep their flight attendants from freaking the fuck out. What gives?

On the other hand, at least we don’t live in Orlando.
Or Houston.
Or have to be reminded of our 41st president 43rd president assholes every time we go to the airport.